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Good Day Everyone,

The District is off to one of the best starts ever. Children and teachers alike are excited and focused on the potential this year will bring. Our District is focused on how to improve our instructional resources and strategies to better educate and inspire our children to reach their full potential. Along with seeking to improve our instruction, we are building our communication structure to better allow our parents and patrons to be part of the educational partnership. These partnerships with all educational stakeholders are necessary for an educational system to prosper. As a result of this communication focus, we have tried to make our website more user-friendly, we have created Twitter pages for each building, we are improving our text messaging parent notification system and we are emphasizing more parent/teacher contact to help keep you better informed. You can sign up on our website to follow each of the school buildings on Twitter.

I want to thank all of you for what you do for the education and care of the children of this community.



Shawn McCue Ed.D


Potosi R-III School District




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Students who reside in Potosi R-3 School District but attend a private, parochial or home school may participate in the MAP grade level and EOC assessments administered by the district to the extent that the district has the capacity to accommodate such requests.
Please contact the district test coordinator, Laurie Huff, at 573-438-5485 for more information.


Potosi R3 Schools
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