Career Ladder

Revised -  May 2016



  • Type the plan— on the Internet
  • Tutoring hrs. verified by building principal and to the minute
  • Convert minutes to the quarter hr. and use decimal (EX. 1.25 for one hour and 15 mins.)
  • All activities must relate to academics with students participating, (EX: Meeting to plan with students) or curriculum, or professional development
  • Use “Educational Activities” for school trips and describe what activities that were completed
  • Workshop travel hrs. counted only 1-way BUT if transporting students—travel hrs. count both ways
  • Use a significant number of hours of student and/or parent contact
  • Each college course credit hour equals 8 career ladder hours (EX: 3 hr. college course = 24 career ladder hrs.)
  • Activities after May 15 at 3:30 p.m. are counted towards the next school year
  • CTA meetings count towards Professional Development
  • Character Education activities are permitted as long as you describe what activities were completed
  • If you amend the plan, put ADD or DELETE on forms B and C
  • Verification on forms C and D must match
  • Watch clock hours—Don’t go past 7:45 a.m. and don’t start until 3:15 p.m.
  • Form D must be itemized—list each date, description, etc. NO RANGES
  • Forms B and D will be completed in Excel

***bold print means new changes


  • Teachers cannot tutor their own son or daughter
  • No one responsibility may count more than ½ of total stage hours (EX: Stage I=30 hrs., Stage II=45 hrs., Stage III=60 hrs.
  • No fundraising/concession stand
  • Don’t count over 10 hrs. for the reading of professional journals
  • Don’t start counting career ladder hours for hours you are under normal contract (Ex: bus duty, etc.)
  • Workshops and class work hrs. combined cannot total more than 1/3 of total stage hrs. (EX: Stage I=20 hrs., Stage II=30 hrs., Stage III=40 hrs.)
  • Don’t use any activities or responsibilities for which you are paid or normally expected to do in your job (EX: no—lesson plans; yes—rewriting or adding new units)
  • Don’t use PTA meetings unless you are a presenter at a meeting
  • Don’t turn in student sign-in sheets (tutoring, etc.) with career ladder, just the verification from building principal
  • Don’t use educational activities (a trip) unless it is a school sponsored trip
  • Don’t lump Professional Development activities into one response. Separate workshops, CTA, etc.
  • Don’t use the words “Enrichment Activities” in the description of the responsibilities.
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